Sample Deal

The following is a sample deal to show the viewers the type of properties we are interested in. This is for informational purposes only. We do not own these properties. This is not a solicitation in any form.
  • Approx 50% of units out of service due to a fire
  • Significant interior deferred maintenance
  • Collection issues due to inadequate tenant screening
  • Inefficient management systems and procedures
  • Poor curb appeal and public image
  • $700k of debt provided by seller
  • $200k down payment and $450k in rehab funds provided by investor network
  • Gut rehab of out of service units
  • Modernize appliances and fixtures
  • Sign new leases at market rate
  • Improve tenant screening to ensure reliable collections
  • Rebrand and increase curb appeal
  • Implement efficient management procedures
  • Re-seal and re-stripe the parking lot
  • Put in new signage
  • Fix decks and balconies
  • Reconfigure drainage to flow away from property
  • Cosmetic interior unit updates
    • Two tone interior paint scheme
    • Install formica countertops
    • Refinish cabinets
    • Install vinyl plank flooring
    • New appliances (refrigerator and stove)